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CodeCombat Quest Log

By Amanda Fuessel

Now you can incentivize work completed in Code Combat, the Free Version - Introduction to Computer Science (Python) - within Classcraft quickly and easily. Each Classcraft quest has a storyline component to go with it, paralleling the CodeCombat storylines, immersing the students in a rich and engaging world and encouraging them to dive deeper into the Mazes of the Dungeons of Kithgard to find their escape! You do not need to be a computer programming genius to have your students learn and participate in CodeCombat. All the tools needed are available right in the class resource files. Your students will love it, especially if they can level up their Classcraft avatars along the way! Students gain XP (and GP if you are set up for it) for creating their initial account with your teacher class code and then each quest is linked to completing a level in CodeCombat. As students progress, so will their Classcraft characters. XP is XP, after all! And I know most of us have one or two gold hoarders who would jump at a chance to earn more. Your initial setup will be: 1) Go to and create a teacher account. 2) Create a new class (or one for each class you have in Classcraft) and locate your Join Links. Copy each one and then 3)In Classcraft edit Quest #2 to add your specific class code link for students to easily join your classroom on These quests can be completed as a whole class assignment, allowed as a free time reward/incentive or given as an option/choice to students who may need an activity after completing their daily assignments. Students can be allowed to work at their own pace or be "gated" within the CodeCombat class (which allows teachers to 'lock' the progress at a set level until the whole class catches up) based on individual teacher and class needs (see below.) You do need to give them the checkmark for completion of the levels as they progress, but this can be set up as a weekly check-in and done very quickly using the teacher dashboard on CodeCombat. To quickly progress students: 1) Navigate to and log in to your Teacher Dash 2) Select View Class for the class you want to check progression for 3)Select the Course Progress Tab and scroll through your students, marking their progress in Classcraft as you go. (Green circles get a checkmark, earn their XP/GP and can move on, Yellow means a student is working on that level but doesn't get the check for it yet - be sure to encourage their progress - and grey means they haven't started the level at all.) Note: If you find your class becomes too scattered or you want to keep them closer in progress you can choose to "Lock Levels" at the top of the Course Progress Tab section, which will keep students from progressing too far ahead of their peers.

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