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A (Sp)hero's Journey

By Fabian Hofmann

The players find themselves in front of the gates of a forgotten city. They need to work their through various stages in order to escape. In this quest, which uses Spheros, students will identify five stages of the hero's journey to include in a maze they themselves design. They then code their way through the maze. In class, they will have limited amount of time on Challenge Day to code their way through. However, their previous code cannot just be started: A new canvas needs to be created. If they created functions for their Sphero to react a certain way, they may be copied and inserted before the challenge starts. While this quest is using Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island", it can be adapted to any novel that follows Campbell's formula. Students are grouped (Classcraft teams, any other teams) and will have to split up to work on different areas according to their strengths. However, they might want to work together on the first step, which is identifying the stages. After Challenge Day, students will write a reflection outlining how they could improve and how this experience mirrors their own personal Hero's Journey.

  • English Language Arts
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12