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Elements of Design

By Marshel Troop

Students will be identifying and describing the elements of interior design. This can be modified for art, photography, or graphic design. They will go through a series of steps To understand what these elements are: Line Texture Color Pattern and Rhythm Shape and Form You are a down-on-his-luck soldier that is looking for a new start. He is accepted to the Academia where he can work with and learn from the best artisans that the four lands have to offer. They will review a Powerpoint about the elements of design and complete a word doc of some guided notes. For texture, they will search for images on the internet that show different textures, and describe the texture seen. For pattern and rhythm, they will open a google doc and identify the different patterns that are shown. Then they will add 8 images that show rhythm with repeated shapes, colors, patterns, or lines. For color, they will review a PowerPoint about the psychology of colors and choose 5 colors and describe what those colors can do to us psychologically.

  • Grade 6
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  • Grade 9
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