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Hip-Hop At Home

By Sam Schneider

"Hip-Hop At Home" is a project asking students to write, record, and produce their own raps using the online Digital Audio Workspace, Soundtrap ( This project starts out with an EdPuzzle on the history of hip-hop ( and a Kahoot on the same material ( Then using Soundtrap, you would direct them to make a "beat." I found online resources and interviews to coach them through making a usable hip-hop beat. All of the remaining steps were posted as Google classroom assignments/materials. Here is the basic outline of what each step was: 1) Introduction 2) This house has history... - EdPuzzle (see link posted above) 2a) BONUS: Is this a game? - Kahoot (see link posted above) 3) Repeating Patterns - Use Soundtrap to create a beat you can use for your rap. **If you're not familiar with Soundtrap, there are dozens of tutorials for beginners and there's a collaboration tool that makes it easy for students to work together and share their work with their teacher's account.** 4) "Speak to Me!" - Create lyrics to your rap. I usually post a few tutorials (or parodies) with this Google Classroom assignment and have students attach their lyrics using Google Docs. 5) It's all coming together... - Record and assemble your rap. Students go back to the original Soundtrap assignment from step 3 and record their raps over the beat. These can be submitted by sharing the Soundtrap project or by uploading the finished MP3 version of the song. 6) "... And that's all I have to say." - END OF QUEST

  • English Language Arts
  • English Second Language
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • History
  • Music
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