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The Book of Wisdom

By Adam Ward

Here's a quest based around book reviews, quizzes about books, sharing good reading habits and identifying traits in characters within books. Most of the activities involve sharing something to the Discussion page or to a Google Doc/Slides presentation. I've created a folder with all of the resources which is available for anyone to copy and use if you send me a message. Feel free to change anything to suit your purposes. I've named each item according to the step of the quest. In my school, we've had a big push on Character Strengths and wellbeing so the students are very familiar with the language and terminology but you may wish to change it to something that makes more sense to your students such as your school values or desirable behaviours and so on. I tried to make the story interesting for the kids, as well as the activities. I'd love to have any feedback you'd like to share as well. Please enjoy!

  • English Language Arts
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5