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By Kevin Vachna

Your students only have 180 days to save all their friends and family! Your students have lived in CAVE 42 all of their lives. No one ever goes outside of CAVE 42, the people face the threat of running out of water. Without a new AQUA CIRCUIT, the people in the CAVE will die of thirst. Your students have been chosen for a dangerous and exciting mission full of mystery and choice. Their group leaves CAVE 42 to search for an AQUA CIRCUIT. Your students travel through NO MAN’S LAND, what remains of AMERICA after a nuclear WAR that killed most of the people on Earth. As they search for the tools to save their people, your students encounter many strange new people, places and challenges. Little by little they will learn the terrible truths behind the war that killed most people, the CAVES, and a new, secret threat to humanity. Your students have the chance to become the true heroes of the story and save the people of their CAVE. If they make the right choices, your students might even end up saving everyone in NO MAN’S LAND, once and for all… In this unit, students will closely read multiple perspectives on the “American Dream” in order to collect information to use and integrate into an evidence-based perspective. Students will examine primary and secondary source documents to make informed decisions about what information to collect that may inspire their writing about “The American Dream.” While using these sources, students will analyze the development of an author/speaker’s claim and use of rhetorical devices. Driving Question: 1.) How do individuals express ideas about the “American Dream” to the public across time? a.) What is the American Dream? b.) How is Identity constructed? c.) How do authors use rhetorical devices to communicate with an audience? Final Project: 1.) Plan and produce a digital newspaper, video news report, or annotated art gallery that: a.) Identifies & explains at least 2 different perspectives on the American Dream, using unit 1 texts and resources, b.) Identifies and explains the group’s (shared or individual) perspective on the topic of the American Dream. Summative Assessments: 1.) Students select independent text/video/comic to analyze in terms of how the author addresses the American Dream. 2.) (Quarterly) CC ELA PART 2: Argumentative Essay: “Is the American Dream Dead?” or “Do Video Games Makes Teens Violent?” Formative Assessments: 1.) Explore, plan & create artifact (poem, poster, cartoon, monument, song, etc.) that addresses the prompt: “What is the American Dream?” 2.) Draft & create an original, modern example (story, script, or comic) that addresses the prompt: “What is the American Dream Today?” 3.) Research, plan & debate the prompt: “Is America Still a Melting Pot?

  • English Language Arts
  • English Second Language
  • Grade 11