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The Hunt for Jazzasaurus

By Sam Schneider

This story features a slight nod to Jurassic Park, the Legend of Zelda, and Scooby Doo, but it takes our protagonists through a mysterious cavern chasing a supposed "Jazzasaurus." They encounter bits of history, listening examples, and have research tasks to accomplish before finally tracking down the creature. NOTE: This quest is being shared story only because so much of it is driven by content that cannot be included in Classcraft. When I give it to my students, it is a self-guided "homework" quest where they do flipped classroom learning via Nearpods, listening examples, EdPuzzles, and eventually seek resources in my room. I apologize I can't give you everything that I give my students, but if you reach out to me in the forums, I can at least try to get you started!

  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12
  • History
  • Music